When the Shelter in Place order took effect, our digital presence ramped up. We went from one to two weekly email newsletters. We transitioned to video services. We began posting video and audio archives of our sermons. Like many churches, OPC’s meetings moved to Zoom. But a significant part of our congregation lives on the other side of the digital divide. Many of our elderly members didn’t use computers regularly (if at all). They relied on the Sunday bulletin and conversation for information. The Congregational Care Committee spearheaded a campaign to ensure these members weren’t isolated. They recruited a team of letter writers. Members who are offline received — and continue to receive — one or two notes, cards, or letters every week. Our pastor sends out weekly activity kits to our youngest church members. We continue to use our phone tree to keep members informed of important events. It’s a big project. Staying connecting with our entire congregation now requires conscious effort. That effort has made us, in some ways, a more connected congregation than we were before. And for that, we are grateful.

Submitted by Ralph Graves, Clerk of Session, Orange Presbyterian Church


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