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Presbyterian Foundation's Stewardship Navigator

The Stewardship Navigator is a simple, free online tool that helps congregations raise funds for their mission. Learn more at stewardshipnavigator.com.
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Grateful: The Transformative Power of Giving Thanks

If gratitude is good, why is it so hard to do? In Grateful, Diana Butler Bass untangles our conflicting understandings of gratitude and sets the table for a renewed practice of giving thanks. We know that gratitude is good, but many of us find it hard to sustain a meaningful life of gratefulness. Four out of five Americans report feeling gratitude on a regular basis, but those private feelings seem disconnected from larger concerns of our public lives. In Grateful, cultural observer and theologian Diana Butler Bass takes on this “gratitude gap” and offers up surprising, relevant, and powerful insights to practice gratitude.

The Stewardship Companion: Lectionary Resources for Preaching

Every week churches must address issues related to stewardship. With deep pastoral sensitivities and solid biblical knowledge, veteran pastor and author David Mosser draws one Scripture passage from each week in the three-year lectionary cycle to provide a brief reflection on how that passage can be used to teach and preach about stewardship. Mosser’s inspirational and motivational reflections offer a clear connection between the lectionary Scripture passage and the matters of stewardship. The reflections offered here address a variety of issues related to stewardship, making this book an essential resource for all pastors, worship leaders, and stewardship committees.

Holy Currencies: Six Blessings for Sustainable Missional Ministries

Eric Law combined profound insight into God’s economy of abundance with abundant practical advice to congregations on how to move from scarcity to gift. We all have assets – friendship, leadership authority, truthfulness, time and place, just to name a few – which, if spent in mission, will yield new opportunities for sustainable ministry. He has taken anxiety about declining resources and scarce money and turned it upside down and inside out. With fresh new perspectives and useful tools, Law opens our eyes to see currencies of abundance.

Beyond the Offering Plate: A Holistic Approach to Stewardship

Written by ten engaging pastors, seminary professors, and church leaders, this unique resource offers a diverse and holistic approach to stewardship. In ten accessible chapters, readers will learn how they can faithfully and practically discuss and engage with stewardship on a regular basis. Ideal for church leaders, seminary students, and pastors, this book includes questions for reflection and applications for life together at the end of each chapter. Copeland adds a special section with biblical references and preaching themes at the end of the book.

The Price of Faith: Exploring Our Choices about Money and Wealth

Although stewardship itself is a word often heard in the church, money is rarely discussed in terms of the ethical decisions and daily lifestyle choices we make. The Price of Faith presents a holistic definition of stewardship and examines what money and wealth mean for us in our participation in the life of the church and in our personal expressions of faith. Ten session plans that deal with personal finances, church funds, charity, and attitudes about money are included to help adults gain a new understanding of stewardship.

How Much Is Enough? Hungering for God in an Affluent Culture

In a world filled with both prosperity and poverty, how can Christians handle their finances in a way that honors God? In How Much Is Enough?, Arthur Simon takes an uncompromising look at America’s wealth, reflecting what dominates the hearts and motivations of its people. How Much Is Enough? proposes new pathways to living as disciples of Jesus. It sheds light on the profound reality that possessions may capture our hearts, but they are unable to nourish our souls.

Creative Giving: Understanding Planned Giving and Endowments in Church

Creative Giving helps us think about estate planning and stewardship within the ministry and mission of the church. Creative Giving is a significant resource for every pastor and lay person seeking to know more about a dimension of Christian stewardship rarely discussed in churches today. It discusses planned giving and boldly suggests that it is time for congregations to overcome our hesitancy to talk about gifts of accumulated assets by will, revocable trust, or other plans.

Practicing Extravagant Generosity: Daily Readings on the Grace of Giving

An indispensable part of the Extravagant Generosity stewardship program, this volume, by Bishop Schnase, opens the Scriptures to show the joy and grace of giving. Designed to provide daily Bible readings for the four weeks of the program, it leads the reader to explore such questions as “Why do we give,” “Who benefits most from our giving,” and “Where does true contentment come from?” By reading and following this guide to the spiritual discipline of stewardship, church members will experience afresh the joy of serving God with their time, talents, and gifts.

Healthy Congregations: A Systems Approach

In this sequel to How Your Church Family Works, Peter Steinke takes readers into a deeper exploration of the congregation as an emotional system. He outlines the factors that put congregations at risk for anxiety and conflict. Learn ten principles of health, how congregations can adopt new ways of dealing with stress and anxiety, as well as how spiritually and emotionally healthy leaders influence the emotional system.

Grace & Gratitude (Being Reformed, Faith Seeking Understanding)

In this study, theologian Charles Wiley explores two important theological terms of Reformed and Presbyterian identity and conviction: “Grace and Gratitude.” These two words have important history within our tradition; and they live on in vigorous ways today. Wiley says the terms together are “our gift to the wider church.” We see the essence of Christian faith captured in the combination, “Grace and Gratitude.” This is our witness to God’s extravagant love expressed in Jesus Christ—grace; and our response as Christ’s disciples, committed thankfully to doing God’s work in this world—gratitude.

Beyond the Collection Plate: Overcoming Obstacles to Faithful Giving

An indispensable part of the Extravagant Generosity stewardship program, this volume, by Bishop Schnase, opens the Scriptures to show the joy and grace of giving. Designed to provide daily Bible readings for the four weeks of the program, it leads the reader to explore such questions as “Why do we give,” “Who benefits most from our giving,” and “Where does true contentment come from?” By reading and following this guide to the spiritual discipline of stewardship, church members will experience afresh the joy of serving God with their time, talents, and gifts.

Ask, Thank, Tell: Improving Stewardship Ministry in Your Congregation

The goal of this book, says author Charles Lane, is to perform a dramatic rescue of stewardship, freeing it from any connection whatsoever to “paying the bills.” When the Bible talks about stewardship it almost always talks about the intimate connection between how a person handles financial matters and that person’s relationship with God. Stewardship is an intensely spiritual matter that lies close to a disciple’s relationship with Jesus. The book is designed especially for use in congregational planning and study. Congregational stewardship leaders will come back to three foundational verbs — ask, thank, tell — over and over as they help individuals experience the joy of giving generously.

Enough: Discovering Joy through Simplicity and Generosity

Money has great power in our lives. Used wisely, it is one key to accomplishing our goals, providing for our needs, and fulfilling our life purpose. In recent years, many of us ignored the wisdom of the past when it came to managing and spending our money. We felt an insatiable desire for more. And we found ourselves spending tomorrow’s money today in order to have what we hoped would satisfy. Enough is an invitation to rediscover the Bible’s wisdom when it comes to prudent financial practices. In these pages are found the keys to experiencing contentment, overcoming fear, and discovering joy through simplicity and generosity. This book could change your life, by changing your relationship with money.

Stewardship Manual: A Guide for Year-Round Financial Stewardship Planning

Stewardship is how we use our God-give gifts; it how we use our talents, our time, and our treasure. Stewardship is the way we use all our resources to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world. This manual assists pastors, sessions, and stewardship committees as they plan for the financial health of the congregation. Financial health speaks to our whole attitude about money, including how our understanding of God’s goodness influences all of our financial decision.
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Enough: God's Blessing in Abundance

Explore dimensions of what it means to have enough through the parables of Jesus and other biblical references. This insightful study encourages readers to look at what is really most important to have in life--God's blessings, which are in abundance, for us. Use the teachings of Jesus to explore ways to counter the prevailing and destructive myths: there is not enough, more is better, and this is just the way it is and find ways to enter more fully as partners in what God is doing among us to bring God's peace, justice and wholeness to all.

Embracing Stewardship

Mindful of generational perspectives and attuned to the world in which congregations live, this book provides eight pathways your congregation can follow to deepen your members’ understanding of themselves as stewards of the bounty of God. The authors’ perspectives from two different generations offer a mixture of tried-and-true strategies and new approaches that will help faith communities and their leaders become confident, competent, generous stewards.

Imagining Abundance: Fundraising, Philanthropy, and a Spiritual Call to Service

Fundraising is ministry—a transformative ministry that challenges all people to realize their own gifts and how they can be used for the benefit of the church. Kerry Robinson focuses on reasons why each of us are called to be stewards. We act because we’re excited about what it is that we do for the church and where we’re called by God to be, we want others to be just as excited about what that is, and we want people to be partners with us in that ministry.

Whose Offering Plate Is It?: New Strategies for Financial Stewardship

It's always helpful to think about the cultural changes affecting stewardship and giving in our churches. Clif Christopher challenges us to realize that some methods of reaching our congregations about stewardship are no longer effective and to consider ways to be more effective.

A Spirituality of Fundraising

"Fundraising is, first and foremost, a ministry," renowned author and teacher Henri Nouwen writes in the introduction. "It's a way of announcing our vision and inviting other people into our mission." Nouwen approaches fundraising from a position of strength rather than weakness, seeing it as spiritual work. Nouwen's insights will shift your thinking about fundraising.

Giving to God: The Bible's Good News about Living a Generous Life

Powell presents stewardship as an act of worship, an expression of faith, and a discipline for spiritual growth. Faithful use of our time, talents, and money starts with a deep, satisfying relationship with the God to whom we belong. We can then learn, says Powell, to give gladly and generously out of our heartfelt connection with God. Giving to God gives us resources for best using the treasures, material and otherwise, that God has given us. This resource could be used for a 6-7 week Bible Study.